Why should I use the FantasyPros Chrome Extension Draft Assistant?

In June 2018, we launched our Chrome Extension Draft Assistant for ESPN leagues. The Chrome Extension is required to use the Draft Assistant with an ESPN league but it is optional with Yahoo and NFL.com leagues. Our Chrome Extension Draft Assistant is the latest, easiest way to dominate your draft!

For the 2019 season, we’ve improved the feature-set and expanded the Chrome Extension to work with more league hosts. You can also test it out with the Yahoo or ESPN Mock Draft Assistant.

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In-Draft Assistant


  • You can now view a streamlined version of the Draft Assistant inside your league host’s draft room. This lets you view the top suggested players, your cheat sheet, and pick predictor odds without leaving your league host's draft room. 
  • These features work with both snake and salary cap drafts.

Co-Pilot (only available for ESPN)


  • Co-Pilot is an extremely powerful feature that will auto-draft our top suggested player for you when you’re on the clock.
  • Co-Pilot will auto-draft a player when there are 10 seconds left on the pick clock.
  • You can let Co-Pilot pick for you, or turn it on as a backup so you never get stuck with the dreaded league host auto-pick.

Draft Buttons


  • When the Chrome Extension is installed, you’ll see ‘Draft’ buttons in the Draft Assistant (similar to what you’d see in our Draft Simulator). These buttons allow you to draft players without leaving the Draft Assistant. 

  • You can also draft directly from the Chrome Extension itself when it is your turn to pick. 

If you're an ESPN user, you can find further instructions for how to set up your league in Draft Wizard® here.

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