Can I test out/practice with the Draft Assistant w/ Sync before my draft?

While you can not test out the Draft Assistant w/ Sync for your league before your draft (since it requires the actual draft to be live), you can test using the Mock Draft Assistant. 

The Mock Draft Assistant is compatible with both salary cap and snake Yahoo! mock drafts and ESPN snake mock drafts. This lets you use the Draft Assistant with a mock draft on those sites to get a feel for what it is like. MVP, HOF, and GOAT users can use our Mock Draft Assistant, and it does not affect the number of Live Draft syncs they have left. 

To access the Mock Draft Assistant:

1. Click on "Draft Assistant" in the NFL Draft Wizard® navigation pane. 

2. Click on the "Add Mock Draft" button

3. Select whether you're doing a Yahoo mock draft or an ESPN mock draft. 

For ESPN drafts, you must have the FantasyPros Chrome Extension installed. Learn more here

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