What is the Draft Assistant?

The Draft Assistant is a tool that helps you optimize picks during your draft with the least amount of stress. The Assistant comes in 2 separate forms, depending upon the level of your premium membership:

  • Manual Draft Assistant (PRO members)
  • Draft Assistant w/ Sync (MVP, HOF, and GOAT members) supports the following commissioner hosts:
    • Yahoo
    • ESPN*
    • NFL.com
    • CBS Sports
    • Sleeper
    • BB10s
    • DataForceFF
    • FanStar
    • Fantrax
    • FFPC
    • FFWC
    • MyFantasyLeague
    • NFFC
    • RTSports
    • FleaFlicker
    • Reality Sports Online
    • LeagueTycoon

*Note: ESPN Draft Assistant w/ Sync must be used with the FantasyPros Chrome Extension. Read more here. 

Both versions of the Draft Assistant offer the following easy-to-use features:

In-Draft Suggestions

Your personal cheat sheet, team needs and position scarcity are all considered to queue up players you should consider drafting. We show, all other things being equal, whom the experts we monitor would select among the players in your queue.

You can queue up players based off of your Overall rankings, the top available players at each position, or by specific stat category. We even give you a running breakdown of the areas that represent strengths and weaknesses for your team as the draft progresses.

"Smart" Cheat Sheets

Not only are your cheat sheets integrated into the drafting tool, but they become "smart" during your draft. For example, if you created Tiers with our Editor, we'll track how many players you have left in each tier and provide a color coded summary above each set of rankings.

When you start to run out of players in a tier it will turn red. We also let you highlight targeted players so that they show up with a yellow highlight in your cheat sheets.

Simple Intuitive Interface

The last thing you want during your draft is to be fumbling with an overly complicated tool. We've done everything possible to make our Draft Assistant a breeze to use.

Not only will you be familiar with the interface by the time of your draft (the default view is the exact same as our Draft Simulator, which you've likely done many mock simulations with), but you can also select a streamlined view that can be placed in a corner of your screen so that you're not having to toggle back and forth between windows.

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