Which fantasy football league commissioner host sites are supported in the Draft Wizard® Draft Assistant?

The NFL Draft Wizard® Draft Assistant w/ Sync works with real drafts hosted on the following sites:

  • Yahoo
  • ESPN*
  • NFL.com
  • CBS Sports
  • Sleeper
  • BB10s
  • DataForceFF
  • FanStar
  • Fantrax
  • FFPC
  • FFWC
  • MyFantasyLeague
  • NFFC
  • RTSports
  • FleaFlicker
  • Reality Sports Online
  • LeagueTycoon

The Manual Draft Assistant can be used with any host site.

*For ESPN leagues, you must use the FantasyPros Chrome extension for proper support. More info on how to sync your ESPN draft with the Draft Assistant can be found here. 

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