How do I sync my FantasyPros and Discord accounts? (Premium)

All premium subscribers at FantasyPros have full access to the Discord chat. This includes 30+ chat channels across sports for advice related to lineups, waivers, trades, and more. This also includes exclusive “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) channels to interact with FantasyPros experts.

After joining the Discord, the “FantasyPros Bot” will send you a Direct Message with a special link. Clicking this link will connect your Discord account with your FantasyPros account so we can verify that you’re a premium subscriber. The connection process is simple:

1) Click the icon at the top left of your screen (left of “FantasyPros Chat”)
2) Locate the DM from “FantasyPros Bot”
3) Click the link in the DM to unlock the extra channels!

If you didn’t receive the DM you can type !sync-account into the #discord-issues channel and the message will be resent by the FantasyPros Bot.


Discord FAQs

I’m a premium user. I clicked the link in the DM and I still don’t see the extra channels. Why is that?
There are two likely scenarios where this could occur:

  1. If you’re using the mobile Discord app, you may need to close the app after clicking the link. Then re-open the app to see the extra channels.
  2. If you’re not a premium FantasyPros subscriber, linking your account will not unlock additional channels. However, if you upgrade in the future you will instantly see the additional channels appear.

If you’ve run through the scenarios above and you’re still not seeing the extra channels, please reach out to us in the #support channel at Discord.

How will I know when my account has access to the premium chat features?
You will know you’re correctly set up when you see the additional chat channels appear by sport in the left navigation. It will look like the screenshot below (desktop version). Also, if the color of your username has changed to blue it means you’re connected as a premium member.

My subscription ended. If I renew, will this automatically be reflected in Discord?
Yes, as long as you’ve connected your Discord and FantasyPros accounts (see above) then we will automatically detect when your premium status has been renewed. The premium channels will be restored in your Discord account with no additional action needed.

Who can I contact if I’m still having issues getting all channels to appear?

Please contact our support team using this link and someone will get back to you quickly: 

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