Why is the draft order incorrect for my FFPC league?

Unfortunately, certain league hosts do not pass over draft order information until just after the draft actually begins. This is a known issue with FFPC as they do not provide the draft order to us in advance.

Please re-sync the league at the beginning of the second round of the draft and the Draft Assistant w/Sync should sync with FFPC at that time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you'd like to run a mock draft using your synced league and would like to choose the draft order, you will have to use the "Duplicate" league option which is accessible from the My Leagues page in Draft Wizard®.

When you duplicate a league, this will allow you to manually set the draft order whereas the synced league is trying to pull the information that is not yet made available. We suggest duplicating leagues ahead of time and entering in keepers manually if you'd like to practice with your league's configuration beforehand.

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