How can I change default risk/wagers and other pick settings?

You can access your pick settings by tapping on the cog/settings icon at the top right corner of the My Picks screen.


Default View

This setting allows you to define which tab (Quick Picks or Custom Picks) you would like to have selected by default in the My Picks screen. For example, if you are not participating in the accuracy competition, you may want to default your picks screen to Custom Picks instead.

Custom Pick Settings

The following settings simply give you the flexibility to make Custom Picks in a way that best suits you and your personal betting process.

Here you can define whether you want to default your Custom Picks to Units (u) or real currency - in this case, Dollars ($). Note that if you make picks with dollars and later change your default settings to make picks with units (or vice versa), all of your completed Custom Picks will retroactively convert and update to your current selection.

Based on the above preference, you can also define a Default Risk amount, which will allow you to add Custom Picks quickly.

Lastly, we give you the ability to define your value of a unit (1u). This is useful in showing your units-to-dollar conversion when making a Custom Pick with units - as shown below.


Please Note: All BettingPros Picks are for tracking and informational purposes only, and do not include real money wagers, payouts, or prizes.

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