How do I add and configure a Custom Pick?

Custom Picks are used for privately tracking real bets you may have placed with a sportsbook, or picks that you just want to keep private. You can add a Custom Pick for most bet types, including Against the Spread, Over/Under, Moneyline, Props, and Futures. 

With Custom Picks, you also have the ability to customize the risk amount, line, and odds whenever and however you want, but Custom Picks are not eligible for the accuracy competition. You must add a Quick Pick to be eligible for the accuracy competition and leaderboards.

1. Add a Custom Pick by tapping on any line or bet type from the various Odds, Events, and Matchups screens, and selecting “Add Custom Pick”. 


2. Set your risk/wager amount from the predefined options (defined in your Pick Settings) or manually enter a different amount.


If you want to customize the line, odds, or other options, tap on the Customize toggle to reveal additional inputs. Here you can edit the line and odds using the +/- buttons or by manually entering the values with the numeric keyboard.


You also have the ability to switch to Units from this screen, which will automatically display your Units to Dollar conversion, based on your Pick Settings.

3. Once the games have been completed, we grade and display the results for each Custom Pick in the My Picks > Custom Picks > Complete tab. You can adjust the time range and various filters to view your Win/Loss record (including pushes), Win %s and Units won/lost.


Please Note: All BettingPros Picks are for tracking and informational purposes only, and do not include real money wagers, payouts, or prizes.

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