How do you score and rank the accuracy competition leaderboard?

The accuracy competition leaderboards are scored and ranked based on the results of Quick Picks added by the BettingPros community and experts. There are separate leaderboards per sport and per bet type (ie: Against the Spread, Over/Under, and Moneyline), which can also be filtered by season or week/month, depending on the sport.

Default rankings for each leaderboard are based on either Win % or Units Won/Lost, depending on the bet type:

For Against the Spread and Over/Under picks:

  • Season Leaderboards are ranked by Win % (Tiebreakers: Units and Wins)
  • Weekly/Monthly Leaderboards are ranked by Units Won/Lost (Tiebreaker: Wins)

While Units are typically a good measure of profitability, when evaluating season-long performance, we believe Win % is a better performance indicator for these bet types. Since picks are not wagered with a true bankroll, someone who is behind in the standings could have an incentive to “go for broke” and risk max units in order to quickly move up the leaderboard. This would be an unrealistic betting scenario since someone could rise up the standings while avoiding the true risk/reward of such a strategy.

For Moneyline picks:

  • Season and Weekly/Monthly Leaderboards are ranked by Units Won/Lost (Tiebreaker: Wins)

Simply put, Win % is not a good indicator of Moneyline betting accuracy. Moneylines are notably different from ATS and O/U wagers since they feature Win probabilities that can be heavily slanted towards either side. It might sound impressive if someone is winning at a 60% rate for Moneyline bets, but if they are consistently placing wagers on -200 lines, then they’re actually losing money. Meanwhile another sports bettor may only have a 50% win/loss rate. Yet, if they are consistently placing +105 Moneyline wagers then they are actually more profitable than the first bettor. This represents a clear distinction between Against the Spread and Over/Under betting since it’s not possible to pad a W/L record for those bet types. For this reason, we evaluate Moneyline accuracy using Units.


Please Note: All BettingPros Picks are for tracking and informational purposes only, and do not include real money wagers, payouts, or prizes.

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