How do you determine the lines (Spreads, Over/Unders, etc.) and odds?

For Quick Picks

We monitor the lines of 10+ sportsbooks hourly to create Consensus odds. All submitted Quick Picks are made using these lines so that all picks are equal for the accuracy competition. 

However, sometimes the consensus and/or your opinion on a pick can change. You may make a pick on Tuesday for the Eagles (-4) over the Falcons. If you decide on Thursday that you’d like to change your side to the Falcons, we allow this but you must use whatever the updated line is at the time you change the pick.

How do I know when the consensus line or odds change?

For Custom Picks

Since we track many sportsbooks, you can place a Custom Pick using the lines for any of the books shown, in addition to the BettingPros Consensus.

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