How do I add a Quick Pick and participate in the accuracy competition?

Adding a Quick Pick is easy and of course, quick. Every Quick Pick that you add is scored/graded after games are final and then counted for the accuracy leaderboards, where eligible users and experts compete based on win % and total winnings.

1. Add a Quick Pick by tapping on any Spread, O/U, or Moneyline cell for a supported sport, and then selecting “Add Quick Pick”. 

Quick Picks are currently supported for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAAF.


2. Simply risk between 1 to 3 units (representing a low-to-high confidence) using the BettingPros Consensus line and odds.

Learn more about units and how it works with Quick Picks


Edit or delete your pick any time, leading up to the start of the game. In fact, we’ll let you know when the consensus changes, so you can easily update your pick when the line or odds change is favorable.

3. Once the games have been completed, we grade and display the results for each pick. Build up your winnings over the course of the season and climb the accuracy competition leaderboards. The standings display Win/Loss records (including pushes), Win % and Units won/lost.


We provide separate leaderboards for each sport and bet type: Against the Spread, Over/Under and Moneyline. The order of the rankings is determined by:

  • Win % for Against the Spread and Over/Under picks 
  • Units won/lost for Moneyline picks

Learn more about the accuracy competition and leaderboards:

Please Note: All BettingPros Picks are for tracking and informational purposes only, and do not include real money wagers, payouts, or prizes.

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