How do enhanced rankings and tools work with my custom scoring (i.e. non-default settings) league?

This feature is available as of Nov 27, 2019.

We transform our expert consensus rankings using an algorithm that factors in historical player performance, along with a model that quantifies the ways in which individual players accumulate their statistics, to create detailed projections for each player. Taking into account your league's custom scoring settings, player projections are then tailored for your league.

If your league has non-default settings (anything straying from your default STD, .5 PPR, and PPR settings found on your league host site) and you are a Premium subscriber, your rankings (and the tools that are powered by them) will reflect those non-default settings. 

For example, if you play in a default .5 PPR league, where all offensive players receive .5 fantasy points per reception, but want to give more credit to Tight End receptions by giving them 1.5 PPR, the flex rankings you view will give a boost to pass-catching TEs relative to WRs and RBs. 

Note: Custom scoring is not automatically enabled. To enable custom scoring settings, go to your league settings screen (accessible via the "Settings" link under "League" in My Playbook or via the My Leagues screen). Next, select "Custom" in the "Scoring System" dropdown.


Once enabled, you can then update your league's scoring settings. Click "Save" and, upon returning to My Playbook, all rankings and tools will be updated.

Customizable scoring settings include the following:


  • pts per Passing TD
  • pts per X Passing Yards
  • pts per Int Thrown
  • pts per Pass Attempt
  • pts per Pass Completion
  • bonus pts > 300 Pass Yards
  • bonus pts > 400 Pass Yards
  • pts per X Pass Completions


  • pts per Receiving TD
  • pts per X Receiving Yards
  • pts per WR Reception
  • pts per RB Reception
  • pts per TE Reception
  • bonus pts > 100 Receiving Yards
  • bonus pts > 200 Receiving Yards


  • pts per Rushing TD
  • pts per X Rushing Yards
  • pts per Rush Attempt
  • bonus pts > 100 Rushing Yards
  • bonus pts > 200 Rushing Yards
  • pts per X Carries


  • pts per Return TD
  • pts per Fumble Lost
  • pts per 2 point conversion
  • bonus pts > 100 Combined Rushing + Receiving Yards
  • bonus pts > 200 Combined Rushing + Receiving Yards

Tools with Enhanced Support

The following My Playbook NFL tools take full advantage of custom scoring (currently web only):

  • Dashboard
  • Matchup
  • Who Should I Start?
  • Start/Sit Assistant
  • Auto-Pilot
  • Top Available
  • Cheat Sheets (Waiver + Trade)
  • Waiver Assistant
  • Trade Analyzer
  • Trade Finder
  • Power Rankings
  • League Analyzer
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