How do I use the FantasyPros Browser Extension with my Yahoo live and mock drafts?

The Draft Wizard® Draft Assistant works with both live Yahoo drafts and mock drafts. In order for the Draft Assistant w/ Sync to work with your live real or mock draft, you must: 

1. Install one of the following browsers

2. Allow third-party cookies

  • For Chrome: Go to chrome://settings/cookies in your Chrome address bar, then make sure General settings are set to "Allow all cookies" or "Block third-party cookies in Incognito".


  • For FireFox: Go to about:preferences#privacy in your Mozilla browser and then use Custom with "Cross-site tracking cookies" selected in the drop-down menu next to Cookies.
  • For Edge: Go to edge://settings/content/cookies in your Edge address bar, then make sure "Allow sites to save and read cookie data" is toggled on.



3. Install and activate the FantasyPros Chrome Extension.

After installation, you should see the FantasyPros browser extension active in your browser to the right of the address bar. 

4. Access your Yahoo draft using your browser. 

5. Have the FantasyPros Browser Extension active during your draft. 

Additional step-by-step instructions for live & mock drafts are listed below.

For Live Drafts

  1. Import your team into Draft Wizard®
  2. Open your team page at Yahoo in your browser.  
  3. Launch your draft room.
  4. In a separate browser tab, navigate to the Draft Assistant.
  5. Select your league and click the “Launch Assistant” button.


Note that Yahoo does not make the draft order available to us until approximately 30 minutes before your draft starts. 

For Mock Drafts

  1. Open the Yahoo Mock Draft Assistant in your browser.  
  2. Enter your Yahoo mock draft room URL. Note that this NOT the waiting room, but the address of the Yahoo mock draft room itself once the mock draft starts. 
  3. Click the “Launch My Assistant” button from the Mock Draft Assistant to begin syncing your mock draft. 

Watch this brief video: 

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