How do I create stacks in the Lineup Optimizer?

Stacking is a popular lineup building strategy among DFS players. It is a pairing of two or more players from the same team in one lineup who have correlated outcomes. To learn more about why you would use stacks, please check out our blog post.

First, select the DFS site and the game slate you plan on optimizing your lineup for.


Once you've selected your DFS site and game slate, an Optimal Lineup will be displayed for that slate. In order to add stacks to this Optimal Lineup, please perform any of the following actions.

  • Click on Stacks from the Advanced Options menu.
  • Use the Stack Finder section to fine-tune your stack search.
    • Available options consist of how many players to include in your stack, what teams you want to include/exclude, etc.
  • Click Find Stacks to generate a list of available stacks that meet your criteria.
  • You can then lock a specific stack into your Optimal Lineup by using the 🔒 icon next to it or you can save a stack for later by using the 💾 icon.


Once you've locked in your stack(s), click the Optimize Lineup button to generate your new lineup.

 If you have any questions regarding our DFS Tools, please feel free to contact us.

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