How do I set up a private mock draft?

To set up a private mock draft, go to the Mock Draft Lobby in Draft Wizard® and select the Private Mock Drafts tab. Click "Create a Mock Draft" to start the setup process.


If you would like to set up your own draft order, change the Draft Order drop-down from Randomize on Start to Based on User Selection. Once your settings are configured and a name for the private mock draft is entered, click Create Draft.


When you create the private mock draft, you will be placed in the waiting room. Use the "Share This Draft" link and send it to your friends that want to join the private mock draft. If the draft order is based on user selection, any user can move to the draft spot of their choice by clicking Move Slot.

Click Start Draft to start the private mock draft. The creator of the private mock draft can edit the settings before the draft, and can pause and resume the mock draft if necessary once it has started.




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