Does Draft Wizard® have support for bonus scoring?

We do not have support for bonus categories (i.e. additional points added for long yardage TDs, exceeding a specific yardage total, etc.)

The lack of support for bonus categories is the result of preseason rankings and projections not factoring those stats in. In order to support bonus points, we would need data that projects out performances for each week, for the entire season, which simply isn't available prior to the start of the season. We would also question the accuracy of those projections and certainly do not want to provide poor advice to our customers.

To be more specific, during the preseason, the sites and experts that contribute to our consensus create rankings and projections with the entire season in mind. It would not be accurate for us to take their rankings or projections and simply divide those across 16 games in hopes to predict a player's weekly stat outlook.

Since every matchup during the season involves multiple variables that affect the outcome for player stats, weekly projections are not typically made until the week leading up to that game. Even then, they can change all the way up until the game starts based on weather or injuries.

Please also keep in mind that the rankings provided to you in your draft room from your commissioner site along with cheat sheets that are publicly available do not factor in bonus point scoring. In fact, they typically don't factor in any custom scoring at all (exceptions: Standard and PPR).

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