Why are my ESPN league's keepers and/or draft order incorrect in Draft Wizard®️?

ESPN does not provide your league's draft order and/or keeper selections in advance. The earliest the Draft Assistant can accurately import this information is 15 minutes before the draft begins.

As your draft time approaches, re-sync your league information by going to My Leagues (football, baseball). Click "View" next to your ESPN league, and then click the "Resync League" button. This will ensure everything is correct for your draft.


To add keeper and draft order info for mock drafting:  

If you want to run mock draft simulations using your league's keeper information and/or draft order you must duplicate your league and then adjust the settings manually. 

To duplicate your league, go to My Leagues, then View next to the league you wish to duplicate, then click the "Duplicate League" button. 

During the duplication process, you will be able to change the league's draft order.

To assign keepers and/or adjust keeper costs, click the "Edit" link next to Settings. 


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