What is the Multi-League Assistant and how can it help me manage my leagues?

When syncing your leagues with My Playbook, the Multi-League Assistant gives you an overview of which players you have rostered and on which teams/leagues they are rostered in. If you are in more than one league and your leagues are hosted on different platforms, keeping track of all of your leagues can be challenging and time-consuming. The Multi-League Assistant makes it easy.


This tool can come in handy if a player gets injured. You can visit the Multi-League Assistant and quickly see if you roster that player in multiple leagues. You can click on each league name to open them and then make roster adjustments accordingly.

You can also search for players in all your leagues at once with the Free Agent Finder. If you find a player that is trending upward and you want to see if they are available in any of your leagues, you can search for the player in the Free Agent Finder. This cuts out a lot of time going between each league individually and searching for the player.


Tip: Clicking the ➕ icon next to a player in the Free Agent Finder takes you directly to your league to start the waiver transaction.
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