How do I make mock drafts for my league mirror the tendencies of my league mates? (MLB) (Premium)

In March 2021, we added the ability to customize mock drafts for your synced league(s) in Draft Wizard®. This feature allows you to account for tendencies you've seen your league mates utilize over the years and make it work to your advantage. This results in more accurate mock drafts so that you are better prepared on draft day.

In order to use this feature, view your league in Draft Wizard®. Once you are on the league page, click on Edit under Mock Drafts.


This will open the Mock Draft Customizations page as seen below.


League-wide position customizations help you increase and decrease the value of certain positions when you mock draft. For example, if you know your league highly values starting pitching or does not value catchers as much as other positions, those tendencies can be customized to help you create a mock draft experience that will simulate your real draft more accurately.


These customizations can also be set for each team. You can set specific strategies and team biases to simulate the drafting habits and trends of the members of your league. For example, if a team dislikes the Yankees and usually focuses on having a good hitting lineup, you can set the Strategy for the team to Hitter Heavy and set the Team Bias to Dislikes NYY; the bot for that team in the Draft Simulator will not draft any Yankees for the team and focus on picking hitters for the team's first four picks.

Available team-specific customizations include:

  • Rankings
    • FantasyPros ECR
    • Pre-Draft Rankings (Yahoo or ESPN)
    • ADP (Composite, Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, Fantrax, NFC, or RTSports)
    • Custom cheat sheets made with our Cheat Sheet Creator
  • Position Strategies
    • Pocket Aces
    • Hitter Heavy
    • Punt Catchers
    • Punt Closers
  • Team Bias
    • Loves a specific team
    • Hates a specific team
    • and more!
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