How do I get the My Playbook app to give advice based on my scoring settings?

If you do not feel like the advice being given is tailored to your scoring settings, then you can open the web version of our My Playbook tool and change your settings, by going to Scoring and roster settings cannot be changed through the app. 

To change your league settings, please do the following:

1. Launch My Playbook from our website

2. Click on My Leagues

3. Click on the Settings button for your league

If you're in an NFL league, then you can change the scoring settings to either standard scoring, half-PPR, or full-PPR, and you can change your rosters settings.

If you're in an MLB or NBA league, then you can change the scoring settings from head-to-head to roto, or from categories-based to points-based, and change the point values of each category as well. You can also change your roster settings here as well. 

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