Can I create and use a custom cheat sheet for my points league? (MLB)

Yes. To do this, first, import your league into Draft Wizard® and verify that the points scoring settings are correct. Then: 

1. Go to the Cheat Sheet Creator and create a new cheat sheet. 

2. On the creation screen, please do the following:

  • Name your cheat sheet

  • Select your league from the drop-down menu

  • Select "Consensus Projections" for the Cheat Sheet Type and click Next


3. You'll then be dropped into the Cheat Sheet Calculator. You'll see an output of players by projected points. The projected points are calculated using our Zeile Consensus Projections and the fantasy point scoring system of your league. You can confirm the league settings at the top of the screen. 

4. Click the green "Save as Cheat Sheet" button on the right. 


5. When you load the Draft Assistant or Simulator, make sure you're loading your points league. By default, we always recommend players based on your league settings. However, you must select your custom cheat sheet to have it display players as they were ranked (instead of by ECR). To do that:

6. Under the Cheat Sheets tab in the Draft Assistant/Simulator, there is a dropdown to select your cheat sheet. By default is FantasyPros ECR. Select the one you just created. This will now display players in the order that you just set based on projected stats and your league's fantasy points settings. 


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