Can I upgrade or change my subscription level/tier without paying full price?

If your subscription is through our website, then you will only be charged the pro-rated difference between your subscription level and the one you want to purchase after going through the upgrade process. 

If your subscription is through the iOS App Store, then the amount of unused funds remaining on your subscription will be pro-rated and applied to the new subscription in the form of App Store credit.

If your subscription is through Google Play/Android, then after going through the purchasing process your subscription length will be pro-rated, but you will not have to immediately pay for the upgrade, and you'll gain immediate access to it. You will then be charged for the new subscription and its full duration once your shortened, pro-rated subscription ends.


To view which platform you made the original subscription purchase on:

1. Log in to your FantasyPros account (if you aren't logged in already):

2. Visit your My Account page:

3. If your subscription was originally made through one of our mobile apps, your mobile platform will be shown below Premium Subscription and next to Manage (highlighted in red below). **Subscriptions made via web browser will not display this text**


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