How do I assign drafted players in the Manual Draft Assistant?

The Manual Draft Assistant will allow you to assign players to teams as they are taken in their drafts. However, it's up to you to make sure that you are selecting the right players for the right teams in order to prevent the player suggestions, draft results, and analysis from being inaccurate.

There are three different ways to assign players to teams in the Manual Draft Assistant: 

1. Click on the correct team/pick in the Draft Log pane. Then click the Drafted button for the player they selected.


2a. You can also mark players as drafted by hovering over the Pick Predictor values on the Rankings pane. This causes the Pick Predictor value to change into a Drafted button.



2b. Type in a player name in the "Mark players as drafted" box in the top right of the Draft Room. Click the Drafted button to mark him as drafted.


3. Once either of the above methods has been taken to mark a player as drafted, that player will populate in the corresponding box for that team in the Draft Log. Marking other players as drafted will now automatically place them on the team with the next pick that has not been assigned to a player yet.


The Manual Draft Assistant never randomly assigns players to teams. It's always up to the user to make sure that they are selecting the right players for the right teams or vice versa.

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