How are unranked players treated for the experts?

We aim to include all fantasy-relevant players in our analysis. If an expert fails to rank someone that is part of the player pool, we assign a rank that is 1 spot lower than the lowest ranking the player received across experts.

For example, if an expert ranked 60 RBs in the 2016 preseason, yet failed to rank Jordan Howard, we cannot simply assume that they valued Howard as their RB #61. This would be problematic because an expert who took the time to create a deep set of rankings, and slotted Howard anywhere below RB #61 would be negatively affected by this assumption.

We instead look at the lowest ranking Howard was given across experts (i.e. RB #110) and slot the expert’s rank 1 spot below it (RB #111). This ensures that we are not overstating the projection for any expert that failed to rank a player. It ensures that experts who create a deep set of rankings are not unfairly penalized.

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