How do you determine the projected point values for each expert?

We evaluate the experts by assigning a projected point value to each fantasy-relevant player in their rankings (learn more about our player pool).

This value is based on the actual production of the rank # the expert slotted the player at. As an example, if an expert ranks Eric Decker at WR #28 in his/her draft rankings, we’d assign a projected point value for this prediction based on the production of the player that actually finished as WR #28 for the season.

In 2015, that point value was 125.9 points. As noted above, the Accuracy Gap in this scenario is the difference between the expert’s prediction for Decker (125.9 points) and the fantasy points that Decker actually scored during the season (161.7 points).

We believe this is a fair way to determine projected points because by ranking Decker at WR #28, the expert is effectively predicting that Decker will be the 28th best fantasy scorer among WRs. The point value associated with that rank slot is precisely what we use when evaluating the expert.

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