What is the NBA Player Rater and how can it help me out?

The Player Rater is a tool that gives you insight into each player’s fantasy value. The tool evaluates every player across each category to determine their total worth. For instance, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out how much a Point Guard who racks up assists but doesn’t grab rebounds will help (or hurt) your team. We solve this issue by helping you determine the player’s impact at each stat category.

The tool is great for identifying not only the best overall players, but also the top players for specific areas of need. If you find yourself weak in a particular category, the Player Rater can help you locate the best options to give your squad a boost. This comes in handy as you work the waiver wire and seek out trade targets.

And if you’re a My Playbook user, the Player Rater is customized so the ratings you see are tailored to the categories you care about. This helps ensure that you always receive relevant advice.

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