What is VBR? (MLB)

VBR is the value-based ranking for the players in your baseball league. Each player is assessed based on his category performance (via Zeile Projections or current stats) to determine his relative worth.

With VBR, a lower number is better -- in other words, the player is more valuable. A player with a VBR of 2 is more valuable than a player with a VBR of 15.

The rankings incorporate VORP (Value Over Replacement Player) principles to account for important factors such as positional scarcity. This helps to properly rate players who provide the most incremental value to a team.

As an example, a catcher with identical projected stats as a first baseman will typically have a better overall VBR. That’s because quality fantasy catchers are scarcer than quality first basemen.

If you’re a premium member, VBR will be customized to map to your specific league settings (categories, roster sizes, etc). For Basic members, VBR is based on a standard, 5×5 Roto setup.

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