How do I edit my cheat sheet's player rankings? (Premium)

There are two ways to edit player rankings on your cheat sheet.

1. Hover over a player name and click on the Move button that appears. Then click the Here button to send the player to that ranking spot.


2. Drag-and-drop players into different ranking spots using the reorder icon that appears next to the Move button when you hover over a player.


All changes are saved automatically no matter which method you use.

Any salary cap values you’ve created will automatically adjust so that players you move up/down will see a corresponding change in their values.

Please note that editing your cheat sheet's overall rankings will also alter your cheat sheet’s positional rankings upon saving changes. However, adding a player to a cheat sheet's positional rankings will not automatically add that player to the overall rankings. You must still add the player to the overall rankings. This is intentional because positional rankings are typically much deeper than overall rankings. 

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