How do I add auction/salary cap values to my cheat sheet?

There are 2 ways to add auction/salary cap values to your cheat sheet. In both options, MVP and HOF members will able to edit the dollar values and customize their cheat sheet to league settings. 

1. Click on the Auction/Salary Cap Calculator and enter your league info (or select your league in the "Standard (default)" drop-down box in the top right of your screen) to create an auction cheat sheet geared to your league settings. 

2. Create a cheat sheet using the Cheat Sheet Creator. While on the view/edit screen, click the ellipsis in the top right corner of the screen. Now select, Add Auction Values.


On the next screen, adjust any values you'd like to change and click Save Auction Values. Please note that once you save, the players' order will change in your rankings according to the new values.

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