How can Draft Wizard® help me win my fantasy football league?

We all know how important the draft is in fantasy football; getting out of the gate with a strong team sets you up for success within the season. The formula for winning your draft is no secret, too. You need to have an accurate cheat sheet, accurate pick predictions for your opponents, and accurate decision-making during the draft (despite the pressure of “the clock”). Draft Wizard® helps with all three of these needs:  

1. Accurate Cheat Sheet

FantasyPros has tracked the accuracy of fantasy experts. We’ve learned that some experts consistently outperform others and that “consensus rankings” tend to be very accurate. You can try some consensus variations like combining the experts you personally trust or combining your favorite sites.

In all cases, we also recognize that you may be able to enhance the rankings (and beat the experts!), so we allow you to easily edit the cheat sheets to perfect them.   

You can create a customized cheat sheet here.

2. Accurate Pick Predictions

Although you may have a good idea of the players you want to target during the draft, knowing when to draft these players is very difficult. Our Draft Simulator helps guide you by predicting what your opponents will do.

Also, we don’t just assume everyone will be drafting based on ADP. Instead, we leverage numerous expert cheat sheets to match the variety of drafters you’re likely to face. We then use these rankings, in conjunction with in-draft pick logic based on team needs and position scarcity, to accurately predict which player each team will select.  

3. Accurate Decision-Making

No matter how much you prepare for your draft, sometimes the pressure of the clock will cause you to take players you regret the minute you click on “draft him.” The stress level is exacerbated when you’re fumbling through paper cheat sheets or dealing with complicated draft software.

Draft Wizard® simplifies everything. We narrow down your choices (based on your cheat sheets, your team needs, and predicted opponent picks), and give you a simple comparison of the players based on our consensus expert advice. We also leverage our award-winning consensus projections to help you identify top available players and to isolate the strengths/weakness of your team.

And since our Draft Assistant looks and acts exactly like our Draft Simulator, you’ll be completely familiar with the interface during your real draft.

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