FantasyPros Terminology and Acronyms

FantasyPros Terminology

ECR: Expert Consensus Rankings, our proprietary method for producing rankings for players based on aggregated fantasy sports expert data.

ADP:  Average Draft Position

ROS: Rest of season.

Draft Wizard: suite of draft tools to help prepare you for and assist you during your draft.

My Playbook: suite of in-season management tools to help you cultivate a winning fantasy team.

Zeile Projections: Consensus projections for MLB. Learn more about Zeile Projections here.

WSIS:  Who Should I Start

WSID:  Who Should I Draft

WSIT: Who Should I Trade

Daily Fantasy Sports

DFS: Daily fantasy sports, typically one day contests that allow you to pick a lineup of players to compete against other users. FanDuel, DraftKings, etc.

FD:  FanDuel

DK:  DraftKings

GPP (a.k.a tournaments): Guaranteed Prize Pool, a contest in which the prize is guaranteed, regardless of the number of entrants.

50/50: A contest in which the top half of all entrants get paid and the bottom half lose their entry fee. These contests are considered safer based on odds of winning.

Cash Game: Also referred to as 50/50s, but can also include head-to-head matchups with individual DFS players.

ROI: Return on Investment

Fade: The action of avoiding a particular player or game within your lineup entry.

Overlay: When a daily fantasy site loses money on a contest (e.g. if $50,000 is guaranteed but there are only $45,000 worth of entrants, the overlay is $5,000.)

Chalk player: Players with high projected ownership that some consider “must plays” for cash games and 50/50s. Many DFS participants avoid chalk plays for GPP/tournaments in order to have a higher chance to win.

Player Statuses

INJ: Injured, denotes an injured player.

IR:  Injured reserve

O:  Out

P:  Probable

S:  Suspended

Q: Questionable to play, typically used in football.

D: Doubtful

GTD:  Game Time Decision

DTD: Day-to-Day

MiLB: In the Minor League

IL: Injured List

IL10: On the 10-Day Injured List

IL60: On the 60-Day Injured List

Fantasy Scoring Formats

Roto: Abbreviation for “Rotisserie” scoring. A common scoring system for fantasy baseball, teams are ranked from first to last in each statistical category. Points are then awarded based on each team’s rank in the category, then added up to determine the overall score for that period. The time period for scoring can vary: some leagues assign points each week, other leagues assign points at the end of the season.

5x5: A common scoring system for fantasy baseball, describing 5 hitting and 5 pitching statistical categories that are scored. The most frequently used hitting categories are: hits, runs, RBI, home runs, and batting average. Pitching categories are: ERA, WHIP, wins, saves, and strikeouts.

IDP: (Fantasy Football) Individual Defensive Players

H2H:  Head to Head, where two teams face each other for scoring each week or time period. This is the standard format for fantasy football and is a common format for fantasy baseball/basketball.

PPR: Point Per Reception, where 1 point is awarded per reception. This greatly increases wide receivers’ overall value, as well as running backs who catch passes out of the backfield.

Half PPR (.5 PPR):  Half Point Per Reception.

STD: Standard scoring format, typically used in football, where no points are awarded for a reception.


PA Rank: Points Against Rank, used in fantasy football to rank defenses based on the average number of points allowed per game. The lower the number, the better (e.g. PA Rank 1st means that defense allows fewer points to be scored than a defense with PA Rank 3rd).

DvP: Defense vs. Position Rank, used in fantasy basketball to rank defenses against a specific position played (i.e. what kind of production do point guards have against the San Antonio Spurs).

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