Can I view the Draft Assistant side-by-side with my draft window?

Yes, but this depends on your screen size, resolution, and the size of your site's draft screen.

However, to help you avoid having to toggle back-and-forth between the Assistant and your draft screen, we provide optional streamlined views, accessible through a convenient drop-down button in the top right of the Draft Assistant.

You can easily change views during your draft, so you're not tied down to only one of these options.

  • Queue Only View. Shows you suggested players to consider for your current pick. You can also easily view the top players at each position or the top players within a position.
  • Cheat Sheet Only View. Shows you your player rankings. You can view all players with taken players crossed off, or you can view only available players to shorten the list.
  • Full View. The default setting. All of our robust features are viewable. If you want to use the full view but do not want to have to toggle screens during your draft, you may want to consider setting up two monitors (or using one large monitor with a high screen resolution).
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