What is the Pick Predictor?


Ever wonder if you could wait one more round before grabbing a guy you really want? How about two or three additional rounds? This is, after all, how you maximize value during a draft. Up until now, the only way to predict this was by assuming the player would be drafted near his ADP (Average Draft Position).

With the Pick Predictor, we take this logic to the next level by telling you the odds that the player will be taken before your next pick (or next few picks if you prefer). These odds are determined by running simulations with all the cheat sheets in our database (including ADP from multiple sources) to see what percentage of times the player gets snatched up before your turn.

It takes into account all the players that have already been taken, the roster needs of the opponents, and how many picks are left before your turn.  We even color-code the percentages so it's easy to quickly get an idea of how risky it is to pass on any specific player this round.

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