Which league and scoring formats are supported for fantasy baseball?

Scoring Types

All Draft Wizard® tools support: 

  • Roto/H2H leagues. Standard support for 5x5 categories; premium users can customize the categories that are relevant to their league. 
  • Fantasy points scoring. You can choose from standard scoring settings at ESPN, CBS, or Yahoo! Premium users can input custom point values when configuring a league. 

View all 45 scoring categories that we support here. 

Draft Types

We support the following draft types:

  • Snake drafts (teams pick in draft order and then reverse the order in alternating rounds)
  • Linear drafts (teams pick in the same order each round)
  • Custom order (picks have been traded, added, etc.)
  • Third round reversal drafts (starts like a snake draft, but the draft order flips after the second round)
  • Salary cap drafts

Player Pools

  • We support Mixed, AL-Only and NL-Only formats for both Redraft and Keeper Leagues (MVP feature). However, we do not support AL or NL-Only formats that allow any other teams from the opposite leagues.
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