What is Draft Wizard®?

Draft Wizard® is a suite of tools that makes it dead simple to prepare for and nail your fantasy football drafts. Its modern and easy-to-use interface will make paper cheat sheets and overly complicated draft software a thing of the past.

Draft Wizard® lets you import rankings from any website or spreadsheet, create consensus rankings from any combination of experts, and customize the cheat sheets with easy drag-and-drop and one-click tiering.

You can quickly practice drafting with the Mock Draft Simulator and instantly analyze your performance with the Draft Analyzer. The Mock Draft Simulator uses advanced logic to simulate the picks of your opponents, with picks made taking into account your league’s scoring and eligibility settings.

You also receive recommendations on who to pick based on overall player value, your roster’s needs, positional scarcity, and your opponents' roster needs. This lets you quickly test out multiple draft strategies in a realistic draft environment.

Additionally, you'll receive powerful advice and can use your custom cheat sheets during your real drafts with our Draft Assistant. With MVP premium subscription levels and above, you can synchronize Draft Wizard® with your live draft, which automatically tracks taken players and gives you real-time draft advice -- basically eliminating the stress from your draft!

An MVP-level premium subscription also adds the ability to use these tools with keeper leagues and salary cap drafts. You’ll be able to mock draft with your league’s keepers already accounted for with assigned keeper costs or create a cheat sheet with salary cap values for use with your Salary Cap Draft Assistant w/ Sync. You can also use the Pick Predictor tool during your mock or real draft to see the likelihood of certain players being selected.

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