How do fantasy experts benefit by sharing their rankings with you?

We objectively promote the content, products, and services of the best fantasy sites and professionals. They benefit from this because:

  • We provide quality referrals. By providing a search engine and directory, we introduce and link to other sites and professionals that offer the specific content that our users are looking for.
  • We level the playing field. There are “undiscovered” experts who deserve more recognition, but it’s difficult for them to build an audience. Through our unbiased accuracy competition, we’re able to promote the best experts in a completely objective way.
  • We provide free tools and content to the experts. Our online player ranker and expert platform helps experts produce and update their advice faster and easier. We also offer widgets that provide unique content on their sites and blogs.

If you’re a fantasy professional and want to learn more about being a FantasyPros participant, partner, or sponsor, please reach out to us at

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