I just want a subscription for the fantasy football season. How do I get that and why is it more expensive than before?

If you're purchasing a subscription in July, August, or September, then a 6-month subscription would be your best option since it provides premium access through the end of the football season.

Not only does it include premium access to both of our Draft Wizard (draft assistance) and My Playbook (in-season roster management) tools, it also include access on the web and mobile apps. 

Purchasing 6 months of access this football season is actually less expensive for PRO and MVP users than it was in previous years. It's about the same as it was for HOF access in 2016.

2019 6-month PRO $29.94 vs. 2016 PRO for the football season $34.99

2019 6-month MVP $41.94 vs. 2016 MVP for the football season $44.99

2019 6-month HOF $65.99 vs. 2016 HOF for the football season $64.99

Learn more about the benefits of our premium subscriptions.

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