Why was FantasyPros created?

Years ago, we thought it would be cool to track how accurate our favorite fantasy football experts were (just to be able to get an edge in our own leagues).

After pulling together a monster spreadsheet for just a couple of experts over a couple of weeks, we had two major takeaways: first, that the data was very cool; second, that no one in their right mind would do all this work just to find out which experts to trust.

What got us really excited, however, was that we realized we could use the data for more than just accuracy assessments. By aggregating and organizing the information we were collecting (rankings), we knew we could help people with their player decisions (such as “Who should I start?”) by providing faster, more comprehensive, more timely, and more accurate advice.

As recent dads with less time for fantasy but no less desire to win, we knew others would appreciate a site that helped cut down the “work” required to win in fantasy sports.

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