What is the Live Sync Draft Assistant Co-Pilot?

Co-Pilot is a new feature that makes it easier than ever for you to dominate your draft. Co-Pilot makes sure you never get stuck with your league host site's auto-pick, by auto-drafting our top suggested player for you when there are 10 seconds left on the pick clock. Co-Pilot is only available for ESPN leagues, and only works for snake or linear drafts.

You must have an MVP level subscription or higher in order to use the Co-Pilot feature. The FantasyPros Browser Extension is also required.

 How It Works

  • When you launch the Draft Wizard® Live Draft Assistant, you’ll see a message that explains how Co-Pilot works and asks if you’d like to turn on the feature.



  • When Co-Pilot is active, you’ll see a green strip at the top of the screen (the feature can be toggled on and off at any time, using the ‘Co-Pilot On/Off’ slider).




  • When Co-Pilot is turned on, the Draft Assistant will auto-refresh instantly (the usual refresh options will be hidden).

  • When it’s your pick, the pick clock in the left-sidebar will turn green, to indicate that you’re on the clock. The Co-Pilot strip at the top of the screen will also show you which player would be the auto-pick.




  • When it’s your turn, you can either make your pick using the "Draft on..." button that is shown next to each player in the suggested player queue, or wait for the click to run down and let Co-Pilot auto-pick for you when there are 10 seconds remaining on the pick clock.


Can I turn off the auto-pick but still draft from the Draft Assistant?

Yes, the "Draft on..." buttons will be available even when Co-Pilot is turned off.

Can I skip the auto-pick?

Yes. When you’re on the clock, a ‘Skip auto-pick’ link will be shown in the green Co-Pilot strip at the top of the screen. This will temporarily turn off auto-pick for the current pick only.

Can I use Co-Pilot with other league hosts?

No, currently Co-Pilot is only available for ESPN leagues.

Do I still need to have the league host site's draft room open?

Yes, you’ll need the league host site's draft room AND the Draft Assistant open on your screen throughout the draft. If your computer is turned off or in sleep mode, you’ll be disconnected from your draft and Co-Pilot won’t be able to make picks for your team.

How is the auto-pick player determined?

Co-Pilot’s auto-pick selects the top player from the ‘Suggested players to consider’ view.

Is Co-Pilot available for salary cap drafts?

No, Co-Pilot is only available for snake/linear drafts.

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