Does Draft Wizard® support rookie-only drafts?

We support rookie-only drafts in the web version of Draft Wizard® for MVP, HOF, and GOAT subscribers.

To activate this setting for your league, go to the My Leagues section of Draft Wizard® and click View next to the league you would like to change to a rookie-only draft.

When viewing your league in Draft Wizard®, click Edit under League Rules.

Once you are on the League Rules page, make sure Keeper League is set to Yes.

Then, click Show Dynasty League Options.


When Dynasty League options are shown, check off the Dynasty League box.

Under Draft Player Pool, check off the Rookies Only box and click the Save button to save your changes. Your league's draft player pool will now contain only rookies.


Rookie-only drafts can also be enabled when importing a new league into Draft Wizard®.

Please note that rookie-only draft settings cannot be enabled for salary cap drafts, as our dynasty league options are only available for Snake, Third Round Reversal, and Linear draft types.

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