Start/Sit Assistant FAQs

What do the expert percentages mean? 

These percentages are the percent of experts who prefer to that specific player over any other appropriate players for a starting position on your fantasy team.

What does the Matchup Star Rating mean? 

The Matchup Star Rating shows how a specific position performs against the team they are facing.

  • 1-2 Stars = Players perform worse than their average against this specific team

  • 3 Stars = Players perform close to their average against this specific team

  • 4-5 Stars = Players perform better than their average against this specific team

Why does the Sit/Start Assistant sometimes offer different suggestions than the Who Should I Start tool? 

Please refer to this article for the explanation.

What's the padlock that appears next to player names in the Sit/Start Assistant occasionally?

The padlock appears next to players on your roster whose games have already started. It indicates that a player on your team is locked into your actual starting lineup. This DOES NOT reflect whether or not we had actually recommended that player, but just merely shows that you started him on your team. 

Supported Leagues

The Start/Sit Assistant will work with all imported leagues, however, the Start/Sit Assistant Submit Lineup button will only work with supported leagues.

The Submit Lineup function of the Start/Sit Assistant currently works for the following leagues: Yahoo, ESPN,, CBS, and Sleeper leagues are also supported when submitting via the web on a laptop or desktop, paired with our Browser Extension.

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