My Playbook League Sync FAQs

How do I sync my league?

First, click on the upper right dropdown menu found on our home page. Then click on "New League Sync".

You can now go through the league sync process by identifying your sport, league host, and providing credentials. Then click "Start League Sync".

Next, choose which league(s) you want to sync from your account and click "Finish".

If you reach a screen that asks you to authenticate access to your account, then please allow it, as this will allow us to sync with your league. Once FantasyPros has synced with your account, then you will see your leagues from that website on the screen once you've completed the previous steps.

Lastly, click the "My Playbook" link to start using the tool immediately with your imported league(s).

Note: You can also sync your league(s) from the My Leagues page.

My league isn't on any of the websites listed. Is there any way I can still sync my league into My Playbook? 

The only option available for users who play on a website that is not listed is to manually import their league into My Playbook. When going through the league import process, on the page that allows you to choose the website where your league is hosted, please click on the "Other" option.

Next, click on the league host drop-down box and choose "Other (Plain Text)." Now you'll see a large text box on the screen. You must enter all your league rosters into that text box by putting the team name on the first line, followed by players names/teams each on one line. Please be sure to skip a line between each team.

Please be sure to follow the suggested player text format and click on the "view Example" link so that you can see how to properly format the data you're inputting into the text box. Once you're done inputting the rosters, Then click on the blue "Import" button. 

My league's rosters are no longer being updated. How can I fix it?

To refresh the sync for that league, please delete the league and re-sync it and that should restore the functionality for that league. After that, you should be able to refresh your rosters without issue. 

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