How can I log into a FantasyPros mobile app using an existing username/email address?

Our login and registration screen is one and the same. To log in by entering your username or email address linked to an existing account, please type it into the "Continue with FantasyPros" field and tap the "Go" button.


On the next screen (seen below), you will be prompted to enter your password as long as you typed in an active FantasyPros username or email address.


Entering a username or email address that is not currently tied to an existing FantasyPros account will prompt you to create a new account as shown in the image below.



Additional Help

  • A log in failure can occur if your device's system clock is incorrect, so please ensure that this is set correctly.
  • Please ensure that you use the username or email address originally used when creating your account to prevent creating a new account in error.
  • Accounts created using the "Continue with Apple" method may have a different email address than intended. This can occur when the AppleID Hide My Email setting is active.
  • If you're still unable to log in to your account, please reach out to us with a help ticket and we'd be happy to investigate further.
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